Theater Specifications

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30 Forest St., Medford, MA 02155


The Theatre covers 25,000 sq feet and is five stories high. It has two elevators (one for the stage and one for the house) and most areas are handicapped accessible. The curvature of the theater gives the house a tremendous feeling of openness and spaciousness. It also enhances the sound in the house, as there are few square corners or angles to create “standing waves”. This brilliant design makes a theatre that is exceptional, both visually and aurally.

art-deco-ltseatArt-Deco-Elements-theatre-016Positioned at regular intervals on the house floor and balcony are illuminated seats, casting a soft light into the wide theater aisles. All the seats have the rich art deco detail that makes the theater an outstanding example of the art deco style. The seats themselves are made of bent plywood, characteristic of the 1940’s and reminiscent of the Bauhaus furniture style. Additional Art Deco elements can be found throughout the theater.


The ventilation system recycles air every five minutes, yet produces no audible noise in the building.  Large blowers are located high in the ceiling of the theatre for air circulation. The air circulation system in the theatre is automated, with special pneumatic and electrical controls located in the circulation chambers. Circulated air is passed through the theatre by specialized air vents and returns camouflaged in the ceiling lighting and under the seats.


There are 1,900 seats in the house — 1,193 on the house floor and 711 in the grand curved balcony. Everything in the house is designed around its elliptical shape — the stage, balcony and orchestra pit. Even the inner walls of the building are curved.


See detailed specification sheet


Computer controllable lighting, as well as the original lighting board, illuminates stage productions. For more information, see detailed specification sheet.

Rehearsal/Concession Space:

Upstairs lobby area with piano and 3 large windows, suitable for dance practice, or concessions. Approximately 40′ x 24′. (not handicapped accessible). It is often possible to set up concessions in the downstairs gymnasium upon agreement with the tenant.


2 restrooms for dressing rooms
2 large public restrooms adjacent to lobby
All restrooms are handicapped accessible.


1 stage elevator, handicapped accessible from stage, dressing rooms and outside (ramp).
1 patron’s elevator, handicapped accessible from outside (parking lot).

Loading Dock:

Located at left rear of building behind parking lot.  It feeds directly to the stage.

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Box Office

The Box Office is open 2 hours in advance of shows.

Upcoming Events

Oct 04

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Thu, Oct 4, 2018
8:00 pm

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